What is it?


“The Program” is the revolutionary weight management system of the future. No matter if the goal is to lose weight, "tighten and tone" what you already have or add lean muscle “The Program” can help unlock your full potential.


How does it work?


Basically, “The Program” turns the body into a complete fat burning machine. We take data you provide about yourself (such as goals, current lifestyle, stress levels) from a short 10-15 minute assessment, put that data into the S.U.P.A. computer and then an easy to follow Code is generated. Once you receive The Code there are a few simple steps to follow each week (hacking into your system) and that’s it.


Accompanying "The Code" will be our catalyst (Longevity or Double R) to help with pesky cravings but most importantly as an insurance policy to ensure the body gets the nutrients it needs.


To ensure you experience results as rapidly as possible we start off with our super successful v2.0 6-Day Detoxification System or SUPA HoTTT 3-Day Cleanse (depending on overall goal). As change occurs your Code will be updated through diagnostic assessments to ensure you continue hitting benchmarks towards the overall goal.


Who is The Program for?


The Program is practically for everyone and can be used anywhere. No matter if you are single, married with children, retired, a homebody, like travel a lot, cook at home, eat out all the time or any other combinations not listed The Program is the solution.


Why do I need the program?


Two reasons...1) The Program is an investment in your future self. 2) See #1


To begin unlocking your potential simply click the free assessment link below. Once completed we will take it from there.


Click...into success!


Simple...Fast...Effective...that’s “The Program”

"The Program" Weight Management System



    The best answer is vital nutrition. S.U.P.A.™ products aid the body by providing essential nutrients and antioxidants. S.U.P.A.™ makes vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants immediately accessible to the body. These have been shown to renew the liver and cleanses organs, tissue and brain cells.


    Cells in the body require nutrients (i.e. vitamins and minerals) to function optimally. Many of these are referred to as micronutrients, to distinguish them from the macronutrient (Proteins, Carbohydrates and Fats) that you may already be familiar with. When cells receive adequate micronutrients, you feel energized and full. On the other hand, most processed/nutrition-poor foods provide calories from macronutrients, but are devoid of the essential micronutrients cells crave. Unfortunately many Americans eat diets, commonly known as the Standard American Diet or S.A.D. for short, that are calorically dense while lacking vital nutrients.


    Never fear S.U.P.A.™ is here!!!



    Let's look at a few more reasons why S.U.P.A.™ products are so powerful.
    Just to name a few, they provide: 


    (1) Fiber. 

    This is the indigestible portion of plants. Diets high in fiber are associated with lower risks of heart disease, colon cancer, diabetes, and obesity.  


    (2) Phytonutrients. 

    These are a family of chemicals found only in plants that often give the color to vegetables but also confer many health benefits.


    (3) Antioxidants. 

    Many chemcials found in plants confer a resistance to the damage that can occur to the human body from oxygen and the process of metabolism. . 


    (4) Omega-3 fatty acids. 

    These essential fatty acids, including DHA and EPA, are taken into cell membranes and used for the internal workings and repair of cells throughout the body.

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